After more than 20 years of winemaking, we know the secret to making great wine is the attention to every detail. This entails handcrafting each wine from the vineyard to the bottle and then handing off to you.


We farm each vine with our own hands for optimum flavor, knowing that we are not just about growing the grapes, but essentially our bottles of wine. Living with the vineyard right outside our backdoor, allows us to ensure that each vine gets all the attention it needs. Many often reference two parts to making wine: grape growing and winemaking. We believe those are one in the same - Winegrowing.


Our wines will always be small lot, handcrafted and of the highest quality - it has to be, especially when your name is on the bottle. Guffy Family Wines hopes to epitomize these qualities with the release of our 2007 Estate Napa Valley Syrah and the 2007 Mendocino Talmadge Bench Petite Sirah. We hope you join us in enjoying this exclusive offering of our wines.





Dave, Julie, Nicole, Jenny



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